The clock costume at Brighton museum 




somehow brighton reminded me of new orleans – this drizzling weather – and this exaggerated culture of mardi gras

notice the legs of this costume – it was worn by a ballerina ?

found a pair of ballet shoes in the museum as well 

um this museum is a combination of many things – i didn’t really understand why there are giant crabs and giant chicken in an ‘art museum’…

this crab was only called ‘edible crab’ 

this bird is very large – was named as ‘chicken’

lots of dots – in slightly different sizes – lots of greens – in slightly different shades – a very tiny painting .

somehow i was brightened up by this abstract painting 

trying on the african clothes the museum provided us with – it reminded me of v&a – we can wear things and touch things .

african designs in kids’ eyes – brighton kids are colorful . 

this is a head piece – not one of the costumes that we are allowed to try on . 🙂 otherwise i will – definitely . 

a girl absorbed by the african fashion design tv – her brother tried to disturb her for several times like stealing her headsets – but she insisted to watch the whole thing – her parents are waiting 

i noticed the tile pattern on the wall of this museum – not in the unit of squares . 

a special chair – made of 3 vases – so interesting .

me trying out the manau festival jacket – with beads on my head . 🙂

it’s hard to say if it’s an airplane – or a bird – or a person – a very beautiful wooden sculpture called malagan . the body looked like a fish (with a tail) – it was attached to wings like a bird or an airplane – but it has a human head in the front ?

here is what malagan is about – connecting the dead and the living . 

believe it or not – brighton is not a large town – but it has 3 mummies in this small museum

i found this window very educational – about the egyptian gods . 

i’m happy that this fortune teller machine was not working – it looked rather creepy to me – would bring nightmare if i played – i’d be curious enough to play it . 

believe it or not – a small brighton art museum has picasso’s ceramics 🙂

and a descending airplane monster – terrified by the wind and the speed . 

the museum is in the same garden with the brighton pavilion . 

antique car . 


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