The lane – the “Covent garden” in Brighton 

the lane is an exquisite part of brighton – similar to the covent garden – it’s a place full of small boutique shops on curvy (but a bit hilly) lanes – i found a strange window that i liked

this one :

coffee and tea shops are not packed – a great place to hide from the rain – when you leave – after being in london i became a bit cold – but then the two shop keepers both said bye to me first – it reminded me of a part of heart that was frozen in london .

when i hopped out of the train in london victoria – i was surrounded by fast walking , stressful looking passengers again – i felt the silly smile i imported from brighton and my super slow walking pace – very not fitting into the cold and serious culture – then i cleared my head – oh – i’m back at home – back to reality .

i really wished that i had a scoop there – however i was too cold after sitting on the beach – what a cute icecream shop 

the carrot cake is so large ~

great coffee to warm up 


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