Interview at the tower bridge 

yesterday i went interviewing near the tower bridge – a group of elementary kids were singing ‘tower bridge is falling down’ hand in hand – not london bridge if falling down – while standing on the bridge .

i went 15 mins late – then waited for another 5 mins for the director – i thought this interview would go very bad – but to my surprise – out of hopelessness – the director only joked as : usually i’m the person who’s late – how can you be late – but he’s very nice – he said the comments from the previous interviewers were all very good and he’s happy to pass me on – but he’s already the final round interview – i took it as an informal offer from his mouth . i had a walk around the river bank .

i had a cup of pumpkin spice latte near this fountain – without a laptop – which is great . was only texting mom and other members in the family of how it went . 

i caught this angle of looking at the shard . 

i went to the st paul’s church – i think my mom will love it – cuz she enjoys singing in a beautiful church . 


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