Greek mythology from stravinskii – a new music season starts at the Royal festival hall

A night of Greek mythology story telling by music – I thought the music would be over when Orpheus took off his blind – but it’s music – it ended with peaceful and blissful singing from Apollo – I thought the music of Apollo would end at the coda – but it ended in another peaceful way – the first time sitting in a concert with story narration in words along with the progression of music – the power of story telling from music itself than ballet – when you say this is ballet music I would suddenly be able to interpret it easily ☺️ – the first show at the dear Royal festival hall (my music classroom in London) of the new season ! I’m going to the stravinskii tragedy next week as well 🙋🏻 do you think Persephone shall not follow her temptation to fall into the underworld ? I don’t think so . I think she should still go – even if she knew the darkness that follows – the narrator singer says nobody can escape from her destiny – therefore nothing is a mistake in this story and the story of Orpheus – it’s part of their destiny .

crossing my ‘music bridge’ from the embankment to the royal festival hall for the first performance of this season tonight – i got better in timing after a year – no more running on the bridge . i thank the philharmonia orchestra so much for all these wonderful music lessons that opened my eyes to the music world .

a strange house installation in the south bank centre 

it’s a night of 3 mythology stories from stravinskii – not abstruse – because they described the scene of the story by words – and at the back of my mind if i know it’s ballet music – then i immediately found the music easy to understand 🙂

the performance of persephone tonight was really special – it brought colorful lights , operatic singing, chorus singing , orchestra music and story narration all together. the narrator was not only talking – she’s also acting

pluto said to persephone – you are not here to give compassion – you are here to rule .

the shadows said to persephone – we are not unhappy

the underworld is a world with constant beginnings because the light always slips through – how strange is that world .

it’s the first time i enjoyed story telling – only by music – but not ballet – so much – the first time i wished that the music could tell me more about the story .


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