Hitchin oughtonhead natural reserve – so empty – all yours 

there is a place in hitchin that is completely free of shops and cafes – there is a place in hitchin that you can run around on the soft felt grass and mud as if it’s yours

the man who sold me the ticket to the choral music at the st mary’s church sent me to this adventure by 2 maps – the edge of one map connects to the edge of the other map .

i entered the other world through this rabbit hole

there was another world behind the bushes – a world without definition – a world of vastness

on an empty field like this – every direction is the correct direction – how wonderful and at the same time tiring of this feeling . 

without too much struggling i arrived this empty place – no cows as promised on the brochure though …

here is some evidence that this place is safe – that i told myself .

the soil and grass was very soft to walk on – it’s a piece of wet land of hitchin . 

the place doesn’t have as many flowers as the colchester castle garden – the place looked rather boring – but it is how nature looked like most of the time . when i was in the amish country in penn state – i was disappointed at many things – however that emptiness taught me something new in life – that i missed when i came back to the civilised cities after the trip . 

this is a purple pineapple flower 

i was not sure if this was a snake hole – i hoped not . 

a strange phenomenon – many round grass buns risen from the flat grassland – they are very cute – i hesitated to step on them – b/c i thought it would be some underground houses’ roof for some underground animals . 

it’s a place that you could stand on a piece of green land without seeing anyone in one hour – therefore you can do anything you like – including jumping , running , and dancing .

the mountains need to be measured by trains – a wetland like this needs to be measured by grand jetes . 

i said goodbye to the natural reserve by some fouettes .


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