The cake hole at hitchin 

this cake hole is situated on a cute lane next to the church in hitchin

it’s a world of pretty chocolates – for example the raspberry cupcake truffles – the top was made of white chocolate – the filling was raspberry jam – the cupcake wrapper is made by milk chocolate – so exquisite – and everything is so cheap . i bought 4 – only cost me 2.67 pounds – unbelievable – the taste is also very purely chocolate-ish – not so artificially sweet . 

the one in a square – the middle part was made of nuts – and the square box is made of milk chocolate – i liked it that they tried to make fake paper wraps by real chocolate 

i had the chocolate by walking around a graveyard – i was not sure if these were hitchin mummies … what do you think ?

today i just had a dream during a nap – in my dream i went to a chocolate shop before ballet classes – i was picking this and that chocolate – to my surprise – my ballet teacher christopher was the shop keeper in the dream – this shop keeper was too handsome – that i felt too nervous to ask around all kinds of chocolates – so i had multiple visits to get to know the flavors – each time i dared to ask 1-2 of them – hm – ok it’s not the first time i dreamed of christopher related to chocolates … strange – not ballet ?


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