Canterbury historic river boat trip ~ 

With captain Luke ~ in the sunshine ~!

(i actually wanted to do an arabesque on the boat – but the captain luke emphasised that we cannot stand on the boat hee)

this man in front of the marlowe theatre invented pantomine – when he sat on the bench – kids liked to go over to say to him : hey you have a ghost behind your back .

this is the marlowe theatre – from christopher marlowe – who was said to be more famous than shakespeare – but he died at the age of 29 in a pub fight

this is christopher marlowe’s face 

here is our captain luke

this is a story of window tax and houses without windows and houses with fake drawn windows for showing off 

here is an island behind the captain 

crossing these bridges is challenging 

you have your cars parked in your parking lot – canterbury families have their boats parked on the stout river

1st public bathroom

flood gate 

the entrance of the river tour 

so wonderful 🙂

here’s how it feels to drift on the canterbury river and in the sun


here’s how we crossed the king’s bridge



here are the pigeons under the king’s bridge


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