👸🏻👸🏻 Galvin at Windows – 28th floor’s view of London near the palace ! 

watching the sunset over the dinner ~

celebrating leaving the academia – today my new tier 2 application materials are submitted by the visa lawyer – felt a bit relieved – looking forward to the new job ! 100% unrelated to academia ! i will never be your friend if you do not 100% lose your control over me !

the atmosphere was so cozy – the music – the carpet – the wood – the nice waitresses 

the soup was well presented – it came with the stuff in the soup – and the waitress pour the creamy soup into the plate for you . 

let us mail this to florida !

hake – not sure where the green liquid in the sauce came from 

warm and cold – chocolate orange pudding and icecream

home made marshmallows are more moisturised in texture

lulu is so thoughtful – there are so many rabbits on the bag of her gift 

suggested by lulu’s gift – i have a bunch of photos to print out on the boots website ~ bye bye .


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