Nutcracker fantasy at Liberty ! 

it’s so beautiful ! royal ballet’s nutcracker automation at liberty !

these soldiers will fire – and these mice will fall

an artistic version of the chinese dance in the nutcracker ! lots of spinning umbrellas ! so happy that i went after the ballet class – the street must be too cold – at this time of the night – nobody was there – therefore it was extremely romantic – it’s just me and the nutcracker windows – and i can hear the music clearly – and i don’t need to worry if i look at for too long . the toy maker spins at different speeds ~

the rotating tutu and shoes !

the clara doing port de bras under the tree !

i feel the luckiest in the world – maybe one of the luckiest ! don’t tell me it’s not a girl’s dream to work every day at mayfair ! especially for a ballerina to be able to see nutcracker’s window every morning before working and every afternoon on the way home ! everything seems to be alright now ! all we need is to take some risk some time – if i didn’t leave the school this summer bravely – i don’t have this dream life and dream job one year earlier .

i have the following reasons to be very happy :

  1. mom is coming to spend christmas with me this year finally – she will be on my land – so she cannot complain if i am going to buy a tree – and she must watch the nutcracker this year (every year when i was in america – for the past 7 years – christmas is the time that takes me into depression when everyone is with their family but i have to stay at school! i feel so so sad and so so dark .)
  2. it’s -1 celsius outside today – but my heart is so warm when i saw the liberty nutcracker window tonight – and the new flat is so warm that i had to turn on the fan at night to fall asleep – the fallen leaves at the regent’s park is only 1-2 mins’ walk away from the new home
  3. my new working place is so easy to get to – my new teammates are all smart and good people – the hr lady is so nice to me – great location of home – great location of the new company
  4. i’m finally landing my dream job and starting a career in finance – this salary will allow me to buy nearly everything i want to buy 🙂 – and in this field – the salary doesn’t have a cap – it will grow exponentially w.r.t years – there are front quant roles and back office quant roles – front quant roles are the best ones – if you start w/ a back office role – they will always say : oh you are not good enough to get into the front .

i’m still thrilled of the new job and upcoming new year – even if that means that i will need to get up every day at 6am …


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