A strange dream in France 

This was one of the dreams that when I woke up the feeling and the colours were still vivid and clearly remembered .

I set out a journey to France – it was not Paris – it was a small village . Because of my budget – I lived at a hotel that was on top of a retail shop . My room didn’t even have a door – it could be accessed openly by a wood ladder . I checked in my room and climbed up the ladder .

Inside the room I found a menu – of the free breakfast next morning – it was said to be a white coloured soup with mushrooms and dates – I was very excited to try some local and strange food . I went to sleep quickly .

The room was small – my bed was on top of a couch that I needed to climbed up to by another ladder . The room had two layers of floors – a glass layer on top of a wooden layer – there was no coffee table in front of the couch – but the glass opened up and the wooden floor curves down – for just enough leg room if someone would sit on the floor – I figured that that must be the coffee table itself – the floor .

The next morning – I woke up to downstairs but was told that it was too early to have the special soup . The ladies in the kitchen showed me that they were just crunching down the mushrooms into smaller pieces to get the flavour . 

But the receptionist told me that oh your ballet teacher Christopher just checked into this hotel as well . I felt very happy and I though ok later I could go to his classes .

After climbing back up – I was too sleepy to find my room again . I planned to take a nap before the soup – but I entered someone else’s room . It had a door – the room was much more normal than mine . I quickly dozed off on the couch . Then I woke up again and saw three ladies vaguely in the room – a mother and two daughters of hers .  The mother seemed to showing off her silver membership . I kept hearing her mentioning her silver membership . I went up to find my own room – they didn’t notice my existence – before I entered my own room – the mother was downstairs and complaining about her breakfast : I got a silver membership , this breakfast , that’s it ? 

I found a fellow cleaning my room already . He asked me if I was an international student as him . I said no. He said he was making some money before the new term started . He asked me if I was interested in climbing a mountain together since I was a tourist . I said ok . He was not handsome – that’s all I remember . 

To my surprise – we took a train to the mountain – the train was made of concrete – the train had blue roof and beige wall – just like in Paris . I was so surprised at how beautiful the train was . It was a very sunny afternoon climbing the mountain – the air was dry . I remembered all these colours in the dream . 

When I came back I was thrilled that Christopher was going to teach ballet classes for a week at the local ballet school . I was thinking that – strange soup – sight seeing – and local ballet school – this trip was complete and not regretful ~ . The class was of course – so easy as usual . The teacher was of course – so handsome as usual . 


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