War time music from Bartok and Shostakovich 

Tonight the Royal philharmonic orchestra played 2 European war pieces tonight – the first one was Bartok’s no.2 violin concerto by Frank Peter Zimmermann – strange combination of notes and alienated feeling of melodies – the first movement sounded like a war scene especially when the violin glided down like bombs descending from the sky and that sound caught by the lower keys on the brass and drums in the back as if the bombs were hitting the ground – the second movement was like the sad aftermath of the war – it sounded like a cloud of mist of an uncertain future – the violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann has a clean control of bows – the fast turning bows created a dry and sharp feeling of notes and sound – the first movement started with dry harp sound – as if it’s in the Romeo and Juliet that the Juliet just woke up in the morning after she drank the medicine – then we listened to Shostakovich’s no.8 symphony on c minor – the piccolo was sharp and cute – like a Charlie Chaplin in the war time – the movement started with fast violas sounded like running soldiers – that whole movement was like run run run run 😄 – the four flutes in Shostakovich together made a very funny, uncertain and blurry sound – what an intriguing piece from Shostakovich ! I wasn’t bored even for one minute ! 


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