Skating horse back riding nutcracker ballet dream 

Last night in my dream mr leeth and Christopher were rehearsing a nutcracker for us – I was Clara – the nutcracker prince and I were on two horses – my horse was white – out horses trotted on the ice – we had skates on – we did a few tendu and piques on the ice before hopping onto the horse – I was lifted by the nutcracker to do an arabesque in the air – however we tried a few times – I always ended up on the ice b/c my horse didn’t run at the same speed w/ the nutcracker prince one – mr leeth told me to keep the square while being in the air – I tried to flipped my body and shoulder to get myself squared in the air – Christopher told us something abt the accent during the dance on the ice but I forgot – the nutcracker prince was not so handsome – so I didn’t remember who he was after I woke up – after we finished rehearsing I went off playing with Christopher happily somewhere else – not on the rink – that’s all I can tell you about the story – what an interesting dream 


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