Ballet music from tchaikovksy by Royal philharmonic orchestra at the south bank 

i expected the music to be more articulating than from a ballet – but i didn’t expect it to catch the spirit of dance when no ballet dancers were present : )

in swan lake – there’s a beautiful solo from the clarinet – then you see his face turning red haha – the sentences must be too long … the piccolo was so shiny ! like a blinking star in the orchestra .

tatyana said : i was younger then, and prettier, no doubt. i loved you, but how did you respond ?

onegin is a loser that he wanted to buy things when they were expensive and sell things when they were cheap . such a loser .

tatyana was like an odette when she sang the dream scene . 

tatyana was black when she sang the final scene – like an odile haha .

beautiful and breezy balcony during the intermission .

sunshine on the thames river while crossing my ‘music bridge’ 🙂

the tree is rising , the mice are running , the clara is falling asleep ~ 


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