First time doing a rond verse in the centre without fear ! 

i think i just like the softer shanks of the new gaynor minden so much ! i am thinking of getting the blue bag and ask my friend lu to bring that from america with a good price ! when the shanks are soft – getting up on pointe feels like releve with technique shoes .

yesterday surprisingly i found that i could do a rond verse without doubt and fear in the centre !

it’s so fun that i cannot help doing it for many many times ! how many times have i tried ? many many times .

haha i loved our saturday classroom ! so large – and we always watched the sky changing colors over our head when we just started the centre exercise .

here’s practice of franziska’s thursday pique turns with three arms haha .

at the moment it’s easier to stand on the right leg to do rond verse than the left leg – the reason is not about strength – i found the reason was how quickly i can get to that balanced position with my body without upper body leaning back . it seems that i can get into that balance on toes on the right leg quicker at the moment . i will make it even soon haha .

as long as i open up the chapter of doing all one leg releves in the centre without fear – there are a lot of fun steps that i can do in the centre ! cannot wait to play them haha !


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