Peculiar penguin dream ~ 

last night in my dream i was sitting in a seminar in front of the palace – prince george was singing a song – he wanted to sing more – but his teacher grabbed him and said it’s enough ( i didn’t know why – b/c i didn’t pay too much attention to the royal family )

then a big gray cloud moved in – above the palace – the cloud emerged as a crowd of birds as it descended – the birds sat on the roof of the palace in a row with equal distance in between – just like soldiers – looking at it more carefully – they are actually penguins

every people in the seminar was so quiet – every bird was so still – so that i sensed someone more important is coming


just as i was wondering – slowly a very big penguin bourred from the right of the roof to the left of the roof – elegantly – it was so quite when the big penguin did it – accompanied by two smaller penguins 

can you tell me why i have these strange dreams ? and when i wake up i remember them so well – especially the feelings – for example – the feeling when i was waiting for the big penguin to show up .


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