Post-rogue-one Santa star war troop random encounter 

we randomly bumped into a santa star war troop soldier after the dinner ! when being in the star war – how can i miss that chance to do a star-war-besque !

mom complained that her hand looked too large in this photo 

we’ve just watched the rogue one on the christmas eve – the music on the orchestra was wonderful !

it’s a very random story that we watched this movie – after shopping – legs are a bit tired – then we just passed the odeon on the tottenham court road (it’s so small inside – cannot compare to american cinemas – like the cinemas in the providence place mall – much better) – somebody on the ticket machine asked me if that was a left-over forgotten ticket from me and gave me a ticket – it was a student ticket to watch the 2d passengers – another movie – i didn’t want it but he gave it to me – then i recollect that i have discount from the perkbox to watch any movies in the odeon for 6 or 7 pounds – then i bought one ticket from the perkbox – this was how we ended up with 2 tickets to watch the 2d passengers – however there were 2 doors downstairs – we entered the wrong door – before i realised it – it was after 15 minutes of advertisement – and it was too late – i realised that we were going to watch the star wars instead of the 2d passengers – which is much cooler – how random this life is . how can it be so wrong and it ended up so right .


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