Loved English national ballet’s giselle 

thanks the ENB to perform this choreography – i have never watched mary skeaping’s – i immediately found why i loved this choreography – the giselle ballone is not just out and in – it then extends into attitude hoppings – it also contains many steps that i usually randomly play after or before the ballet classes – such as the hop with the other leg in attitude passe and attitude – such as the continuous hopping fouettes – such as the pique grand battement walk walk step – in the peasant pas de deux – after the boy danced – this girl mimicked him in how she traveled and the steps – just a bit more flowery in the movement – the peasant girl danced so well that in the beginning i thought she’s giselle then i thought um but her costume was not giselle’s costume – lots of flying kisses in this choreography – giselle was hopping in the yard – albrecht flied a kiss when he hid behind her house – and giselle and albrecht did a cute arabesque flying kiss together – was fun to watch – the arms in mary skeaping’s willis were one arm up and one arm down – the rotation in the adagio pas de deux between the ghost giselle and albrecht was beautiful in the line on the neck and the arms – i’m also happy that albrecht was wearing white pants (sorry – it’s ghost ballet – it’s already dark – some version i watched – the man was wearing gray or black pants – sorry – no matter what he jumped i just couldn’t see anything) – it was fun to see how the willis (ghosts) trapped the lost men in the forest and how the lightening was flashing – but i do think this albrecht could have been more emotional – because i have seen sadder albrecht when giselle disappeared in the dawn – it’s fun that all the willis were in place like soldiers – only one ghost was late as designed in the choreography – and she hesitated to join the line … what a fun night to see a ballet containing so many steps that you like to play and unconsciously previously you weren’t aware that actually they were all from giselle …


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