The world premiere of Håkan & Rachmaninov 

World premiere of a trumpet concerto Håkan tonight by a Swedish trumpet player with a gentle and smooth voice – the 1st movement ended in a balloon’s break – the trumpet was all calm until an unsettling sound from another trumpet in the orchestra came in – the trumpet in the orchestra kept teasing the big trumpet – then the big trumpet got angry and disordered into random and quick notes – which is really funny – the second half was on Rachmaninov’s second symphony – it’s a poem with long breaths – when a poet wants to tell you something he doesn’t summarise it in one sentence – he first asks some questions by different instruments – then he tells what he wants by a violin – then he describes how much he hopes because the notes on the violins are going up and the emotion is getting stronger – then he brews a cloud of emotions by the orchestra playing on the same notes and going to the next place slowly – then he describes his feelings – besides that he spices up his thoughts by some crispy cymbals – the cymbals were very on time tonight – the first time it emerged in the first movement – I Hird a sword cutting into the orchestra – when he finished his cymbals he carried it like two shiny Suns on his shoulder ~ 


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