German romantics night at the south bank centre with the Royal philharmonia 

Tonight is the night of German romantics 2 at the south bank by the Royal philharmonic orchestra – ruy blast was a story of the love btw a queen and a slave – the overture didn’t sound political but sweet and festive – I was watching the dancing silhouette of the conductor tonight as a dancing child – Schumann’s piano concerto tonight was played by david fray who played and sat on a stack of chairs – it’s not just about being romantic actually the piece contains several flavours – some parts in the first movement was like a veil that may be there or may not be there – there were some eruptions – and there were lots of glitters in the sky in the last movement – the Brahms no.3 symphony was my favorite tonight – I was supported how beautifully the third movement was played – it generated a theatrical and somewhat calm feeling – first the cello walked onto the stage like a dancer – he walked and he stopped – he walked again and he stopped again and he started dancing – then the violin walked onto the stage (I don’t mean really walking sorry) – she walked and she stopped – she walked again and she stopped – just like the beginning of an old ball – where there was an introduction part between the partners – then the French horns walked and the French horns stopped – then the clarinet emerged on this imaginary stage – loved it . 


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