Trying the Spanish ox cheeks from Tapas 

i was surprised at the speed of catering, the speed of cooking and the beautiful presentation of dishes at tapas – from the outside it only looked like a fast food-ish place – i only went to the bathroom to wash my hands – after i came back my bread, ox cheeks and tab water were all ready on my table ! wow haha ! i can definitely manage this in one hour .

the meat was tender and the mashed sweet potato actually tastes like puree – i mean the smoothness .

taking a breath at the quiet window seat to see the world passing by

look – the point is – i have practiced eating in front of the computer for 2 months so far – it’s not something that needs to be practiced – when i am that useful and needed to maintain the platform i will eat in front of the computer – however – i’m only a junior quant – and this dining area is new to me – at this stage – i would like to explore the neighbourhood and see what’s out there – but i think after 1 -2 years i will be stable and get settled to eat in front of the computer as well – right now i’m too curious abt the neighbourhood


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