Daphnis et chloé – where people just dance 

Tonight I listened to three very different pieces – my favorite one was Daphnis et chloé – I loved it that people in this story do my eat and do not sleep – they only dance – I loved how the story and the character of each person was described by music – dorcon’s dance was clumsy – and the music described it with funny sound as if dorcon always falls onto the floor – Daphnis was elegant and light in his dance – the swipes on the harp sounded like Daphnis turning his body suddenly – the dance of pirates was warlike – crude and bold – guess what when the pirate saw chloé – they didn’t do anything they ordered her to dance – chloé’s dance at the Pirates’ camp was reluctant mixed by escaping – the sacred sound of God Pan was emphasised by voices as something descending from the sky – chloé was rescued because of the love from the God to the nymphs – and Daphnis jus slept and missed the whole story – chloé danced again and fell into Daphnis arms – the story ended in a celebration dance – what was hard for me to vision was the nymphs dance – I couldn’t imagine what it would look like – I loved how the story was told just by dance – the character and the story – um ligeto’s piano concerto starts with jazz , then it was a mixture of Impressionism on the piano and percussion on the piano – notes that are not on the White and black keys on the piano were played by the orchestra – there was a quietness in the music of funeral – from Stravinsky – surprisingly as the uk premiere – hm – loved tonight !


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