Adriana lecouvreur from the best Royal opera 

Tonight we watched the Adriana lecouvreur – love seems to be sufficient but happiness was about timing – adriana smelled the flowers with flowers just like bayadere wasn’t aware of the snake in the basket – this was an opera with ballet on the stage on the stage – during the ballet the chorus sings : the fruits have worms – just like in the beginning the stage manager sang to Adriana – don’t be seduced by the illusion of happiness – Adriana would not die if the count could figure out his love for Adriana a little bit earlier than she smelling the poison – what does the count mean for Adriana ? He’s the only one she loves and her everything – but what does the count mean for the princess – he’s merely an affair when she’s bored with her husband – everyone saw the princess flirting with her servant on the stage – sure she could do that to everyone – I loved how the princess’s strong and mature voice broke up the stage and set off the second act – at the end of the show I thought – at least Adriana knows the truth that the count loved her and at least the count proposed to her just before she died – and happiness is all about timing – Adriana’s teacher was a very kind person – he hid his love for Adriana forever and he’s always there to protect her – he sold his heritage to buy Adriana a diamond necklace on her birthday – what an opera with so many beautiful arias – Adriana sounded fragile and naive before she attended the party at the prince’s palace – however her voice suddenly turned very strong and rebellious when she realised that her rival – the princess was in love with the count – she sounded so powerful in acting at the prince’s home – I can also never forget the way she turned around and walked out the party accompanied by her teacher – as if she’s on the limb – the ballet in this opera at the prince’s house had lots of entertaining element – not like a regular classical ballet – it’s more like entertaining the people in the palace – I was surprised to see them doing the ribbon dance in the la fille mal gardee – the same pink ribbon chaine turns – the same ribbon cross pattern – I was surprised that when the princess first wondered who that girl was who took her lover away – her first reaction was : what was her rank ? Is she a duchess ? – she thought men shall all love girls by rank – but she’s so wrong – in the confession from the count he told Adriana that he loved her because of her emotions and thoughts – so happy to watch this opera with Assya – amazing acting – the lady sat on my left told me that she thought Adriana really died – it looked so real – the prelude of the 4th act sort of suggested the tragedy – oh this is sad … 


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