Correct the weight to be on the heels – not on the toes 

i remember on one of christopher’s friday class he also told me to shift the weight back to the heels – he said : i’m worried that you might put too much pressure on the front lower leg

it’s so funny franziska today brought her ‘tail’ to the class to demonstrate the weight distribution again

i was surprised that she nodded at me that she noticed that i corrected the weight to be back on the heels at the barre – altho i still need to pull the barre towards me sometimes if the movement in rond de jamb par tarre , or tondu side , or fondu is quick – but i’m happy that i got her correct and now am working on the correct thing

it’s about efficiency – with less movement of pelvis we should be able to switch legs faster and more legs more freely

love franziska – she also broke down details like christopher – it’s so much details that i thought she’s kidding us …

after this gastro muscle injury – i will enter a new era of ballet that i will really land with heels down in jumps – i will use the muscles to lower my heels – i will stand on my heels at the barre .



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