My heart is wider whenever visiting the Tate modern 

every time i went to tate modern – i felt my heart wider – it’s a feeling with a broader view of the world – it’s a feeling of more tolerance of the uneasiness in the reality here – i went there early morning around 10am where there’s nobody at the cafe – when i came out the sun was shining on the wet ground and the bubbles are flying across the thames

today i enjoyed matisse – for example – the following 4 sculptures shows his effort of reaching a simple form of the back of a model – i loved it that he showed his working and thought process – it will help people who are new to abstraction to understand how artists come up with those abstruse shapes and colors – i spent some time comparing the first 2 the second 2 – i try to see if i am going to simplify the one on the left – will i agree with matisse to do the same thing 

i loved this paper collage of a snail from matisse as well – matisse was too ill to paint – he asked others to glue these colorfully painted papers to the canvas – i loved it that thru the materials and the medium – you feel the mental and the health state of matisse

god the soy latte at tate modern has so many bubbles ! it’s a skill !  it’s not milk ! 

it’s really lovely to sit by the window in the quiet morning at tate w/ a nice cup of coffee to expect what wonderful toys you are going to look at today . 

there might be many things i didn’t like about london – but i definitely love tate modern . i can never forget all the wonderful ideas that i learned through their fun and educational exhibits . they surprise me .


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