Woohoo first exam is done 

it feels like gambling – i wasn’t even breathing for the entire 90 mins – i learned the lesson – i will from now on spend more time on learning finance – i did more than 4 past exams – however only 3-5 questions were exactly the same – i flagged 20 question among 75 questions with concepts that i’ve never seen in the book … even in the last second on the screen i wasn’t sure abt what result will pop out soon … but i’m happy that the coin was tossed – only 2 more to go – and this exam was only a very tiny part of being a junior quant .

the exam was right next to the insurance company i worked last year – i looked at the building and i also passed the pilate church that i went w/ my teammates – a little bit nostalgic – however – i know the kind of easy life of going to the office at 10am and have a drink around lunch and leave at 5pm in the afternoon by only clicking a few commands to run simulations on the cluster is not what i wanted only for my life – i wanted something more challenging – but i feel very grateful about jamie and alan – who taught me so many things in industry and business .


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