An evening of mythological and island-like sounds from the BBC symphony orchestra at Barbican 

Last night was a night of island music – three pieces were all somewhat related to islands – I liked how the rhythm on the flute then on the violins woke up the orchestra in nielsen’s an imaginary trip to the Faroe Islands – the tune when the violin first emerged resembled ma vlast’s vltava – in the uk premiere of megaris – i visioned a remote island with pirates – the sirens presented by vocalists sounded like the goddesses – the Pirates started fighting then the siren emerged to cease the fire – the singing made this piece mythological – after the intermission it was Sibelius’ four lemminkanen legends – the feeling of the last movement was very similar to Balanchine’s ending of diamond – it felt like myriad sunshines from a rising sun – I loved how the sound was unified in this performance – the beginning of the second movement felt like something sparkling in the darkness was moving slowly – it was about a man hunting a sacred swan on the death island in exchange of a marriage – wonderful rumbling sound the strings were making – the violins from the BBC symphony sounded very colorful . 


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