I will try to like London 


i used to think the toughest job here is to get up at 6am every morning on time for work

but i got a new task in the next few month: try to like london and try to understand british people

pourquoi ? because christopher said he liked london – so i’d better like it as well

so happy to watch my fav ashton’s ballet (so far) – the silly two pigeons at sarasota ballet – i seemed to complain on christopher’s exaggerated reaction in acting with the fortune teller on the first night – but actually i think that’s very cute

so happy that now i got a photo to look at when i miss christopher

everyone in the airport was walking super fast – but my footstep was like a snail – i wish i could walk one step forward and three steps backward – when will i see christopher again ? i dunno. : ( T.T i wanted to cry so much in the airpot but there are so many people – i ended up staring at the void for 3 hrs before the flight took off to atlanta . thanks my classmates to gimme a ride from sarasota to tampa – and one of them was telling me the history about the bridges and tabacco companies in tampa to distract me from this sadness

it looked like that we had a pretty schedule designed this weekend – everything was so happy – thanks him to share what he liked in ashton in adagio and the variation with us – i liked the silliness in ashton as well : )

i actually want to take a ribbon ballet photo from la fille mal gardee with christopher – but i forgot to bring the ribbons to the class

i randomly saw my name in his office – i wonder if that’s my name or if there’s another summer ? if there’s only one summer – i’m happy to be this summer . 

indeed – i have many other things to do besides missing the very cute christopher – previously in boston i didn’t have time to get to know him so much because there’s so much to do at school – i’m happy that this weekend i could spend time on listening to what he likes and he doesn’t like : )


the cute and silly christopher at ballet studio

the in vain christopher at the theatre and at expensive restaurants

and the dramatic christopher on ashton’s stage

which christopher do you like the most ?


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