Selby botanical garden in the ☀️ and perfume in the air 

the marie selby botanical garden in sarasota is a colorful world

i wonder what the name of this grandpa’s beard and silver hair tree is – it seems to be everywhere in sarasota 

it’s the same green leaves and colorful flowers – but in the sun – the green seems to be a different kind of green that shines 

hello giselle are you at home ?

the light is coming through chagall’s paintings – this garden is not just a random combination of plants – it’s arranged in the spirit of chagall with his painted glasses surrounded by flowers and his thoughts being discovered at various places in the garden 

it’s strange to see a quite and peaceful garden being so close to the sea – which is not supposed to be peaceful

it’s also strange to see lavenders right next to the sea 

it’s strange to see such a peaceful pond of waterlilies sitting so calmly against the vast sea – i wouldn’t imagine them going together without seeing it : )

a quiet corner in the selby garden where you have an option to swim off to the outside world

i loved being in the long time no see american sunshine – smelling the flowers – reading and thinking about chagall’s words 

previewing the feeling of the after retirement life on a rocky chair on the porch

the cacti at kew garden – altho there were more kinds – were all trapped under the glass like in cages – but in sarasota – they all escaped the cages 

the big birds in sarasota always seemed to be thinking near the water – they stood still for a long time 

the cruises here usually have palm trees on them 

the fishes at selby garden reminded me of the fishes in the japanese garden at san fran – you just need to stand on the brink – they will all come – in a very scary quantity 


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