The purple van wezel theatre in christo lights 

hmhm i watched the two pigeons twice – these christo lights are beautiful and shiny moments in the theatre

first time watching the sarasota ballet – such good qualities – the giant hats in scene de ballet brought us back to the time of ashton – the flowers on their big heads were so large – and in the choreography their heads turn left and right – just like the villagers’ no-no hats in the la fille mal gardee – sometimes the corp hopped to their next position to form a new snowflake like pattern like bunnies – it’s just a cute ballet that i thought it’s a bit too cute for stravinsky – when i watch balanchine’s choreography w/ stravinsky’s music like argons , the rite of spring and appollo – i felt stravinsky weird – but ashton took a silly and cute approach to stravinsky

the sarasota ballet was as wonderful as the royal ballet two pigeons with the original sets from the royal ballet – only the gypsies felt a bit different – in sarasota ballet – the group dance of gypsies felt warm – from the royal ballet – the gypsies’ dance was fast and sharp and a bit cold . oh the pigeon dance was so short in the first act one – i wished ashton could make that part longer … it’s so fun to watch liz mimicking the gypsy dance jealously – she’s a wonderful dancer but she needed to pretend that she’s clumsy – the dance was so together with the music – and the music from the pit bounced like a ball in tempo in the gypsy dance

it’s so fun that the pigeon didn’t cooperate at all – well it’s fine i knew how it should be from the royal ballet already – so i don’t mind it flying to the american flag instead of the couple 

as a person who holds long grudges (usually a life time) – i would think about the two pigeons more often : )  the second night i went w/ a classmate who said that’s her first ballet ever in life in a theatre – she seemed to be super excited : ) – well this is much less boring than my first ballet in life as a kid watching the swan lake with mum and not understanding anything b/c i was too little .

the serene sunset next to the van wezel – christopher said there’s another angle looking at the water – but i didn’t get the chance to see it yet .


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