Tenderness “after the rain” from the Royal ballet at the ROH 

after watching christopher wheeldon’s cinderella at colliseum – christopher wheeldon’s winter tale from the royal ballet at roh – tonight is the night for christopher wheeldon’s “after the rain” – how observant would christopher wheeldon be to describe the feeling during and after the rain in such details – the dance started with girls in bourres – dragging the male dancers – the bourres are just like the raindrops – not just how it looked – but also the small noise that the pointe shoes made during the bourres – the sound on the floor mimicked the rain – the rain was noisy – after the rain – quietness came in – it’s the feeling of tenderness – softness – comfort – and moisture – so quiet that they fell asleep – what a sexy adagio after the rain .

it was very hard for me to say whether i liked the violin solo from the pit orchestra more or  i liked the after the rain dance more – the music was too wonderful in london .

first time watching ballet from the stall’s circle – it feels like in an oil painting that people are telling neighbors to not lean forward otherwise they cannot see

i can see the orchestra so well – so enjoyable during after the rain because i can see how the violinist was playing it – and in the flight pattern – they first turned on the lights for the bass – then they turned on the lights for other strings – little by little they light up the orchestra – didn’t know if it’s intentional .

why are there so many christophers ? i bought 2 tickets to watch the royal ballet – b/c when we were queuing – christopher looked at me angrily and said , “when was the last time you watch royal ballet” – i got so intimidated by his look that i had to watch some soon …

the blue ones are the rain drops – the pink ones are the ones in the adagio that are after the rain 

isn’t ballet so amazing – without any tools and make-ups – with only a piece of ground – or some space – with only imagination – you can create the whole story by imagination and movements .

about intermission time in blankets and with some tea . 

about my intermission view on the balcony of the roh . 

look in the opera for adriana that i went with assya – there was ballet in the opera – tonight inside the flight pattern – there was opera – so wonderful to mix .


the beginning of the flight pattern was just like walking around the piccadilly circus – which would make you crazy – it was a uniform and crowded feeling – that if you are inside this crowd – you mayn’t walk faster – you may not walk slower either – either would get you into troubles – the uniform super crowded crowd was moving – and people who wanted to walk faster got into the trouble – then the night came – the crowd went asleep – the people who refused to sleep danced in the moonlight – (i was wondering if the diagonal lighting from the upper right corner represented the moonlight) – then the winter came – it started snowing – everyone in the crowded crowd started dancing in the snow – but the two crazy irregular people didn’t want to join them – then it ended

i couldn’t say why it’s called “flight pattern” – but what it generated was that echoing feeling of living and walking on the london streets – it looked a lot to me like symmetry and asymmetry in social life – what do you think ?

the first ballet was about the cycle of life – i wish i could understand it better – but i was distracted by the all fancy movement – such as how it started – 3 fast rotating arabesque pairs ~

what a great evening – the royal ballet is very smooth in their movement – different from american ballet .






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