Back to Raymond’s 2nd class on Saturday 

Hello sunshine – hello big windows – hello raymond – hello pointe shoes – hello my old saturday 2 classes routine

first pointe class back – 4 months after the injury – i cannot say i completely recovered yet – as i have no courage to one leg releve on the broken leg (i know being broken means bones – but i like to say broken ok ?)

apparently during the weeks that i was away they all learned the aurora sleeping beauty variation – raymond laughed at me when i said to him that i’ll figure it out after watching the first three groups haha

apparently at the end of the variation – girls are in a queue to do the famous attitude balance with raymond – such a long line – someone actually join the queue for the second round (like me and vanessa) and for the third round …

they all seemed well practiced – this is my first time doing the attitude balance – my flash millisecond balance …

however when the tide ceased and the classmates were gone – when the day was almost over – i was missing christopher by dancing the variation learned from him

here’s me missing christopher on a saturday afternoon by a few ashton steps in the adagio we learned from him

who are you missing on a saturday afternoon ?


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