Rubies are playing 💎

if i miss the ruby from steven mcrae and sarah lamb tonight

my impression of balanchine’s ruby would still be from dusty button

i would still think the light of rubies as sharp, cold, bling-bling and like a wind

but tonight i found that rubies can be cute and playful as well

i loved every line sarah lamb got into – every moment was a beautiful picture – with so much confidence in the balance – i liked how the two rubies interacted – um they didn’t look like they were in love – they looked more like they were playing like two kids – you cannot help smiling when you see cute rubies playing – and then the whole corp was running and hopping on the stage – as if they were all playing along

my favorite moment was steven mcrae turned his head and gave the four little rubies a sign : come with me – then the small rubies followed him like a tail – that was as cute and as silly as when he threw away his jacket in the gypsies in the two pigeons  – and as cute and as silly as when he ran onto the stage with a giant cape before the balcony dance in romeo and juliette – only he can be this outworldly cute


i had to move because the woman on the balcony kept moving her head w/ the music in emerald … i usually don’t pat aggressively on that person and tell her to stop – i usually just sigh and find an alternative solution

it’s so close that i even saw the smile on sarah lamb’s face – i could also hear steven mcrae breathing …

the diamond tonight was more aiming at the elegance – the corp was so wonderful – they  looked as light as snow flakes – i felt i was watching the snows in nutcracker – the balances were challenging for the big diamond – and the big jete jumps on a circle was very with the music as if you are rotating a diamond on a circle under the light

when i was watching the diamond – i was missing misa – she was a cute , precise , crisp and confident diamond – you feel sharp cuts on the edges of diamond and the sharp reflection of diamond every time when she stopped crisply – for example – after turns – misa would stop suddenly as if it’s on the edge of a diamond – for example the walk on the pointe was also very crisp


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