Perfect maison kayser 🎂🍰

(i’m blogging for 10 mins here just because i’m waiting for the laundry washing part to be done in 10 minutes frustratedly being stuck at home in such rarely nice weather)

the blossoming green tea (that i had back at china when i was a kid but never found in america)

my breakfast at maison kayser – hot tea – very very tasty chia seeds – very very tasty croissant with cucumbers and smoked salmon – very sour passion fruit tarte – from very patient waiters and waitresses 

i regret to eat-in this (if you take away it’s 3.5gbp – if you eat in this tart it is 7gbp …) but i loved the french pastries – so sour – not so sweet .

so which one is next sunday ? ( i mean next next sunday – cuz next sunday i will be in sarasota )

i loved you – rebellious rabbits

i always passed by this cafe on the uber to franziska’s sunday classes – and realised that ah i didn’t try it last week again – this week i was so determined to remember to try it because of the horizontal bunny stickers on their window – yes only cuteness works on me – no other ways – sorry . 

good i finished writing this blog in 6 mins – 4 mins to walk to the laundry …. ugh such a waste of time in life to do laundry every day – how frustrating to be stuck .


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