Unicorn dolphin dream ~ 

i think i might need to document this dream last week – in my dream i was watching a movie with a friend – in the movie – a young boy left his established home with a carriage on his own to have an adventure in the countryside – on his way – he had to pass thru the sea – his carriage disappeared in the water – and i was wondering if he’s ok and where he went – then i saw unicorns from his carriage jumping up and down on the water – till they disappeared at a distance

passing the sea – the boy arrived the countryside – the countryside was like a beautiful garden – it’s all green – the movie went thru isles with green arches made of branches … then i didn’t remember what happened …


last night i also had a dream – a sad dream – in my dream i had to marry someone tmw that i didn’t love – and it seemed that many many friends were rushing into my house with cakes and balloons – and my parents seemed to be hosting this dammed party – i felt so mad that they were celebrating – i wanted to escape – i went to the basement … (the rest i could not tell you – it’s related to paul balanca … i felt so sad when i woke up … but i’m glad that i woke up on time … i don’t want to know the rest of the story )


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