Finally saw the beautiful flamingos 

I loved how peacefully America is living with the nature here in Florida – I am not a nature person (as I was bitten by many bugs so far – itchy legs) – but I start to feel the happiness in the nature – flamingos will prolly not look this beautiful if there’s no sunshine and no nice people here to cherish them ~ 

Finally I saw them ~ look at how these three are making up a great modern dance ! 

The jungle garden kept me so busy walking back and forth … Performances of animals … Feeding … Chasing butterflies … Hugging rabbits … Touching turtles … Temporarily forgetting the sadness of going back to London soon 🙂

A bit sad that I’ll go back soon – to a place that I cannot see Christopher 😔

When I say a bit – I actually mean a lot 😔😔😔 there are so many things I want to play with him 😔😔😔



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