First time kayaking – so much freedom 

In the beginning it was very scary – the instructor on shore said this boat will never flip over – I didn’t believe it – especially when it got windy and wavy and my boat was swinging like a cradle ~ 

But then I found a way to deal with it 

It became a lot of fun – altho with a bit seasickness 
Somehow I went too far – it’s really really windy here – got very scared 

Then a boat from one of the pretty houses sailed to me – the stranger on the boat asked me if I needed help getting back – I said no (because it’s kinda fun to be this dangerous) – then he asked me to be near the bank soon and sailed back 

Met a Sarah from Ohio over fried fish – I hird you can bring the fish you fished to the restaurant and they can cook for you ~ she gave me many advices on my personal issues – I thank her ~ 
The other day at the jungle garden a kid with bunny ears wanted to be really close to me – I liked her very much but her parents came to apologise :sorry , she’s only 5 , she didn’t understand personal space yet . It seems that personal space is only a concept in America which you don’t have in the uk . I was at the sea with nobody in the light of sight at one point – I was thinking that this is really a lot of personal space and freedom .


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