Bruckner’s no.4 symphony from the LSO at Barbican 

A night in romanticism of Debussy , Bartok and Bruckner – Debussy’s ballet music was abt a creature that was half goat half human – I liked the absence of bars in music – what’s left in Debussy’s slow pieces were scenes after scenes – we listened to Bartok’s viola concerto – a piece that mixed sweetness and bitterness – in Bruckner’s no.4 symphony there was glory – if sounded like the description of a hero – in the first movement you recognised Bruckner’s iconic 2-3 rhythms – what I liked in the first movement was how the horn woke up the orchestra like a bubble on the water from the mouth of a fish – I also liked how the strings were brewing the cloud of mood – the sound was small and blurry but the notes were slowly changing – in the first movement I also liked that in one of the glorious moment – the trumpets were loudly going up but the flutes and clarinet were coming down – this mixture created a dizzy feeling as it was also loud – the second movement was a beautiful melodic funeral march – I loved how smooth the cello sounded in the beginning – it was just like singing lyrically – the third movement was short and heroic 


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