Weekly food report 

this week the weather was extremely cold – don’t trust the weather report – saying 10 degrees – in the end it feels like 0 degrees to be honest

just discovered a place with lunch special of korean food – 3 courses for only 9 pounds – can you believe it

not including the daechucha 

i had my favorite korean noodle – japchae for appetizer 

in this cold weather i typically fancy food on hot stones – i went there for two days – the first time i had the seafood rice on hot stones

the second time i went there i had the bibimbap on hot stones as well – so warm after having it – this korean restaurant is not only only 5 mins walk from the office – but also the air in the dining hall is fresh and not oily at all .

this ramen place has simple soups – that looked just like water – but the simple soup was not less tasty – again in this cold weather – of course i fancy warm ramen .

ramen in mussel soup . 

only 1.5 pounds to add extra noodles . 

the yuzu tea (honey orange tea) from the korean restaurant that i went to 

the sauce tasted like orange 

i also tried the la tasca on the james street – it’s a bit overrated online – the service was quite slow – they asked me : do you want some dessert ? ( i didn’t say it – but i was definitely thinking : if you didn’t keep me waiting for 30 mins for my food – then of course i will let you make some profit by ordering some icecream ) well i just said no .

the food is not bad – i had 4 tapas – the chicken wings were really sweet and tasty – with a bit glossy skins – then i had pork cheeks , mushrooms and a small salad . 

of course after taking ballet classes near the bond street station – it’s hard to not to have this every time when passing my favorite booth on the oxford street – this time i had the cream as well – it’s strange that every time i walked and ate this cup of chocolate strawberries on the street – there’s always some strangers talking to me – there was once one of them even asked me : can i also have one . 


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