I can do splits at home to stretch on the floor again 💁🏻

thanks nicole for recommending me this super professional house keeper – i will need to see her at least every other week – my list was only : stove, bath tub, bathroom and kitchen floor – but she said she didn’t need a list – she knew what to do and she would clean the whole flat and she insisted washing dishes as well – i’m surprised that she cleaned every dust on my big mirror and even vacuum cleaned the shoe shelf – i was bringing my laundry basket back – and she’s already automatically sorting out the pile of dresses on the couch – it’s like coming back to the hotel room

in only two hours – this is the profession : stove, kitchen surface, kitchen cabinets organising, kitchen dead flowers, kitchen trash, kitchen floor, bathroom de-bacteria-ing, bath tub, every ducks in the bath tub, washing sink, toilet bowl, bathroom floor, dining table surface, bookshelf, dresser, clothes on the couch, bed sheets, random stuffed animals, random pillows on the floor, bedroom floor, all the floor was first vacuumed and then mopped, shoe shelf dust … this is a little bit too fast and too efficient !

i thank her so much to save me at least 20 hrs – i hope she has time for me for at least once per 1-2 weeks – i enjoy stretching legs on the floor and walking around w/ bare feet .


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