Bartock and Mahler at south bank 

Written at the end of my swift Sunday was bela Bartok’s concertos for two pianos , percussion and the orchestra – where the pianos and percussion sat at the centre of the orchestra like the heart beats – humorous and a bit jazzy in the beginning – loved how the first movement started with vague and continuous sound on the timpani – it seemed to be there and it seemed to be not – loved the moment in the second movement that one piano was creating the ambient sound by swiping the key board in a blurry manner and the other piano was singing the melody clearly – some moments definitely reminded me of Tom and Jerry – then it was Mahler’s no.6 symphony – where the sadness was felt after the sweetness in the 3rd movement – where scariness of incidents was felt after continuity – where the emptiness was felt after the two deadly hammers – I also liked how it started – with strong , rigorous , serious and ruthless foot steps – sometimes the foot steps disappeared and Mahler was lost in his thoughts of sweetness and sadness – sometimes the footsteps came back with Mahler’s consciousness 


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