Queer’s British art at Tate – multiple truth

don’t get me wrong – i’m not a lesbian – i’m not obsessed w/ gays either – neither am i among one of those people who are so curious about gays (just see how hard it is to get hockney’s tickets – people are curious) but at the same time feeling afraid to talk about it and only daring to gossip to people’s ear at the coffee shop – i’m here to support tate (my favorite museum in london) taking the steps to educate the austere audience about “the truth not being singular” – but “multiple” – here in london how come i even hear people laughing at gays ? so ignorant – have they seen anderson cooper ? as a girl i can tell you that anderson cooper is sexier than a straight man .

the videos at the exit of queer’s british art really touched me – their voices – one woman as a writer of stories said : people always think the truth is singular – but i found it multiple . so true isn’t it ? when you never travel – when you only live in one place – you think what you learned is absolutely right – but actually it’s only relatively right locally – it might not be even right locally .

in america – most people when they hear the word ‘gay’ – their first reaction will be ‘cute’ – here most people’s reaction will be – ‘funny’ – i don’t like it . i appreciate tate to educate people .

the light show at tate britain – i loved the feeling of walking around it – getting lost in a light maze . 

how can you not smile when you are in tate ? 

her name is laura knight – b/c she mattered to me in queer’s british art – at the time that women were not allowed to attend life painting classes – she – as her self portrait – depicted herself painting life models – what a creative way to do self portraits ? 

this is just odd and cute – prince charm praying and pretending to be the sleeping snow white … 

when bathing men got too abstract – nonono – the painter said he didn’t intended to be abstract – he meant ambiguity . 

i wish to see more francis bacon’s paintings with two figures – i wonder why

among my many visits to tate modern and only one visit today to tate britain – i clearly remembered the feeling of leaving tate – the time is up – i walked by this room and that room curiously – and how i wish i could come back soon !

i’ve seen many things in museums in london – but i almost remembered everything i liked in tate – i don’t mind seeing them again and again – and i’m curious when i took mom and the other night my colleague to the tate and what they thought about the pieces .


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