I will be thinking of you 😔❤️

after the class – mr leeth had to leave for the theatre – i didn’t want him to go – but he said : this afternoon i will be at the theatre – tonight i will be there – you will be at the theatre as well

but i said : i cannot see you – you will be working

but he said : but you will be thinking of me

i bet you will never see my smile like this in london – that’s only when i am with people i love

not many people in this world will make me cry on a sunday morning when i woke up in bed realising that it’s gonna be another very big while before we walk together in the sun and share stories again – not many people in the world are this smart , considerate , sweet , humorous , and talented as mr leeth – not many – the heidi movie on the plane was not helping either – i miss arthur more than heidi missing her grandpa – i wish next time when we meet he will be just as happy and health like this time – and that will make me very happy

of course i will be thinking of him – to fill up the space in between – to fill up the time in between – just like the music is still going forward on a rest sign – one same note lasting from the beginning to the end without rests and beats is not interesting music – just like a dance is not only about how the final positions look like – there are movements in between – to go from this position to the next position – and we are filling in the time and space in between the notes and positions

but i will be thinking of him – that is all what mattered


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