Afternoon at picco with my dad Arthur 

pizza + coffee + icecream = picco and it’s perfect .

that’s true – i flied all the way across the atlantic ocean just to have icecream with my dear ballet teacher and dear dad mr leeth – i have so much to update him and ask him for advice – and i come to check if he looks healthy and happy as before : )

i had passionfruit , coconut and dark chocolate 

i think the quality of american pizza has improved – however after having the last slice he told the waiter honestly : i don’t like it 😀 – then after he finished all of his icecream – he had to tell the waiter honestly again : you can tell that i don’t like this right ? 😀 i feel that i’m eating with mr garfield . 

boston ballet school on the clarendon street – how many nights after writing papers, doing homeworks, and running simulations on the mbta and amtrak – i walked on this street before the ballet class at night in a jail break happy mood – that’s called freedom ! – on the way to play on my favorite ballet classes ! it’s biology and it’s hard to explain – when i walk on the clarendon street – i’m just instantly happy – after all these years of training the mood . 

i’m sorry that boston ballet is still my favorite ballet company – boston ballet school is still my favorite ballet school .


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