Watching misa aurora at the Boston opera house with Sarah 

so happy that i didn’t miss misa’s sleeping beauty – i already missed her ashton’s cinderella out of my ignorance of her beauty at that time – that was a very cute and playful aurora – everything sparkles when misa bourres – the world around her always disappears when i watch her dance – the dance is so shiny that nothing else mattered – i liked every pretty shape and lines she got into – even a simple launch as a preparation was more beautiful than anyone else – the movements were polished into edges – so when you watch another aurora – any aurora else just looked a bit clumsy comparing to misa (just like watching ruby again after watching sarah lamb’s ruby – anyone else would look clumsy) – the blue birds dance drew curves with jumps in the air – they really looked like flying : D – and i liked how the blue birds delivered happiness – in the end i thought the red riding hood was eaten by the wolf already but they ran out again for the coda : D – dusty’s lilac fairy reminded me of her mother fairy in ashton’s cinderella – so classical – after all the fairies finished their small solos – the lilac fairy came out and the music slowed down and warmed up with more cellos – the dance was so confident – just like the queen of fairies – so happy to see dawn atkin’s again – i liked her smile and happiness in her movement even when she’s only at a corner of the corp – this time she’s the blue fountain fairy ! my favorite part of the music was when the mice were crawling in front of the carabose – i hird erica was going to leave boston ballet and it’s her last performance – hard to believe this evil looking carabose was the same dancer as the sad girl in the lady of camellias (as i think the most beautiful dance i watched from erica so far) – so happy that every time when i came back to boston ballet – there’s a big improvement on the corps – since coming back to boston for onegin – the landing of the corp became very light, soft and quiet – this time just like the swan lake – the corp was very synchronised – i also liked how aurora fainted – she piqued into arabesque and closed her legs falling down like scissors – before aurora passed away – she hopped around with curvy and strange music like giselle walking around the crowd before she died – the piccolo sounded so bright in the orchestra – i hird it all the time : D – nothing else makes me happier than watching boston ballet – the ballet company that taught me many things and opened up my horizon of this art form .

it was a surprise that sarah could come together in the last minute – thanks for her flower – i thought she’s going to cuba and i was going to miss her

visiting the romeo and juliet (their names) at boston common 

mr mcphee was here just for the sleeping beauty as well – altho he left boston ballet 

actually i felt very sleepy – as sleepy as aurora 


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