Budapest festival orchestra playing Bartok’s peasant songs and the bluebeard’s castle 🎈

A very different night at the Royal festival hall with the Budapest festival orchestra – the conductor was the most talkative I’ve seen – he started telling us a story about a girl who changed Bartok’s life – Bartok’s listened to her singing and decided to go onto an adventure of collecting Hungarian peasant songs with a 40 lbs machine – the conductor invited us to listen to the original recoding of peasants singing from 1917 by Bartok – to make us understand the peasants songs – we first listened to the original peasant song by a multitasking lady – who’s all singing , blowing a flute , dancing , snapping and mimicking the violinist – I loved the original version more than the translated version onto the orchestra because it has more spirit of dancing in it and the notes are weirder πŸ’πŸ» – after the intermission I watched an opera called the Bluebeard’s castle – it’s about a curious girl Judith discovering the bluebeard’s secret – she’s so curious that even if she saw horrible things she insisted opening doors of secrets one by one – the bluebeard’s castle was a building with no balconies and no windows – before Judith opened the first door the castle signed – I loved the strange sound in the lake of tears room – I loved the shiny and shaking sound in the room of treasure (the sound was just like sparkling lights that’re too bright to stare at) – I also liked the blurry and shaky sound on flutes when they were in the room of gardens where the lilies were man sized – what a journey Judith had made into the world of mr Bluebeard – if I were Judith – you know life is short – I would just open the gate of gardens, kingdom and treasure – let the past go – um maybe I would also open the gate for he lake of tears because the music was fun πŸ˜„ god what an exotic night it was tonight – thanks for Budapest festival orchestra for coming here again – last time when they were here I watched their magic flute opera – this time they brought their traditional music over and a fun opera – hope to hear them again soon πŸ™‹πŸ»


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