Wow Liam Scarlett ! ❤️❤️❤️

A night of four ballets – I so regret that I missed Liam Scarlett’s Frankenstein ! What a smart and talented choreographer he is – the symphonic dances started with girls in bela figura like long red puffy skirts – in courageous movements they expanded the space quickly – in the first piece of music when the girl was standing alone like a statue and when the men was inviting her to dance – the man’s dance seemed to add lyrics – he seemed to be saying : beautiful statue – please come and dance with me – would that be wonderful – in the second piece of music in the symphonic dances – men were wearing long and red skirts elegantly – the one girl was wearing shorts – she walked around these static men in long skirts in the beginning as if walking in a forest with red trees – the red trees started moving around her mysteriously – Liam Scarlett showed how beautiful and elegant can men be in long skirts – they looked just like burning red roses when they were rotating in the air in pairs – in the third piece of music the light became pale – everyone was wearing swimming suit like costumes – some girls were lying on the floor with their legs up – I even thought it was synchronised swimming – towards the end of the last piece of music – the dance got faster and the mood was similar to Spanish dances – in the very end when the dance was getting faster and faster – the girl disappeared in a flash of lightening ! So beautiful ! Balanchine’s tarantella was a good laugh ! They were so cute and silly . I liked the tarantella girl – she has very fast feet and agile movement – that made this dance even closer to the music and more humorous – it reminded me of the playing rubies . The third piece was from christopher wheeldon – the straps on the costume were so shiny – I liked the part that Sargent was seeing the man in the Madame X – the man was in sargent’s imagination and they three managed to dance together – the dance told a story of how Madame X actually felt behind this painting . The first one – the vertiginous thrill of exactitude seems to be a ballet with no plies in legs to me – the music was so fast and the stage was so large – the legs in this dance bounce directly off the floor as if there’s no time for plies 


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