Yujia wang 🎹 and the handsome mr tilson (still in London) at Barbican with LSO 🎶

We listened to Brahms piano concerto tonight and Nielsen’s 5th symphony – my favorite part of Brahms tonight was when the piano was sometimes there and sometimes seemingly not like a veil – the piano sounded beautiful when it’s not trying to take over the orchestra right away when it entered – it tried to sing with the wind in the orchestra initially but not taking over it – when the wind finished its sentence then the pianist started to make her voice clearer and louder – I loved the moments when the piano was singing with the wind – like in the 3rd movement singing with the oboe – the sound of piano is as continuous as a string instrument and the feeling of sound was like a sparkling veil over the orchestra – the veil flied in with a breeze and waved in the air – the feeling of the piano was transparent and clear – then we listened to a very fun no.5 symphony from Nielsen – the drum and the trumpets seemed to be very angry at each other in the first movement – it’s so funny when the drum left and went off stage – so lucky to be here for yujia wang and mr tilson again ! 

Trumpets and the drum were very angry at each other – funny 


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