First row balcony seat to watch the sunset on top of Plovdiv ☀️

What a comfortable night stroking a cat with two bottles grapefruit beer with my dear flute teacher Nevena ! 

What a surprise of the cuteness in Plovdiv ! She said we needed to climb a hill but actually the hill was very comfortable to climb – there were random homeless kitties and flower peddles in between the stones on the road – there are random oldest churches and galleries on the hill 

Plovdiv is a much cuter city than Sofia – I loved the cute houses with angled roofs in orange colors 


We were surprised at the size of the plate – we noticed that on the next table five people were just sharing one of them … But we’ve gotten two … They looked tiny on the menu didn’t they … 

Loved Bulgarian potato pancake with milk cheese and eggs and loved the Bulgarian grilled vegetables – win oversized zucchinis

The bottles were for scaling 

Bulgarian duck hearts – exotic isn’t it 

The skins of tomatoes were thoughtfully peeled ☺️

The sun gradually moved away from us – eventually we were left in the shade with a bird view of Plovdiv 
Actually he just wanted some more duck hearts – he didn’t smell the tomatoes any more once he’s given duck hearts 😋🤗
What unforgettable experience – what happiness ! 


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