Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet from enb with my cute Russian colleague ! 

What a fun night with my cutest Russian colleague watching enb performing Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet – the two families decided to become friends after both Romeo and Juliet died – i liked how versatile Juliet was in terms of characters – at the party she’s naughty and energetic – on the balcony she’s flowery with her arms – at her brother’s death she’s desperate – in her bedroom she’s emotional – at decision of taking the poison she’s scary dropping he knife – when her parents asked her to marry in her bedroom she looked angular at her father – when she woke up at the grave seeing everyone died she’s scared and sad – I liked how these different emotions and characters she danced – in Nureyev’s choreography the male dancing was exciting – I liked the flag dance in the 2nd act – the ballroom dance in the 1st act was slow and dramatic – Romeo became a bull fighter before he killed juliet’s brother – on the ball when Juliet first time saw Romeo she immediately started dancing and jumping around on a circle as if she’s saying “hey look how pretty and cute I am” then Romeo started dancing around as if he’s saying “hey look how handsome I am as well” – they clapped hands just like babies – so happy to be here tonight – didn’t know that my Russian colleague was a ballerina as well ! 🙋🏻

It was very creative of Nureyev for the ghost dance of the three before Juliet taking the medicine – normally in other choreographers Juliet danced alone in this part and the music was saying that she’s hesitating – but in Nureyev’s choreography – he explicitly thought Juliet was hesitating between a knife right away or a bottle of medicine to wake up after – a decision between life and death 


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