La seine boat trip – discovering the city of light 

My mum used to mention to me that her most unforgettable experience was the boat tour on the river in Paris – ah this time I took the boat – I really understand why ! 

The audio guide didn’t just say look this bridge was built at what year – the audio guide sometimes read poems – very artistic to listen to – unlike the London boats on Thames where the speaker was too loud and there was no single second of silence for you to enjoy the serenity – the boat tour in Paris the speaker wasn’t too loud and they gave you moment to feel and think in the breeze – I really appreciate that ! 

We passed the palace , the museums , the Latin quarter , the island and the city . 

I have to say this boat trip is the most beautiful thing I’ve done last weekend in Paris ! (And if you miss the summer weather – you miss the fun of the boat) 

It has to be done now . The seats are very vey empty – I have 4 seats by the big window just for myself ! So comfortable !!!


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